What We Offer

What We Offer

Food Town offers meat, fresh produce, dairy, and baked goods aisles, along with shelf space reserved for canned and packaged goods as well as for various non-food items such as kitchenware, household cleaners, health & beauty products and pet supplies.

Nutritious Foods STX

Nutritious Foods STX

Food Town Supermarket offers the freshest and highest quality produce in the area. Whatever you are cooking up for dinner tonight, it will be tastier and more nutritious with our produce!


Specialty Butcher Cuts of Meat

Specialty Butcher Cuts of Meat

A lot of us patronize Food Town supermarket when we ‘re looking for an excellent cut of meat for dinner. Food Town will supply the most popular cuts, or, at the very least, the most widely known, cuts of meat like, as an example, sirloin, chuck, T-bones, as well as tenderloin. There are, however, some surprising meat cuts you might never have actually come across, however that a butcher enjoys for their premium flavor and use.

Don’t attempt trying to find these unique cuts of meat in just any grocery store … EVEN MORE Yet if you happen to live near Food Town Supermarket with our own butcher, drop in as well as ask him about the unknown cuts listed here. Not just will you get customized solution as well as a remarkable steak or braised roast for a great price, your brand-new friend The Butcher will certainly additionally offer guidance and also food preparation approaches, also.

Butchers are specialists, so do not be scared to ask your butcher reduced a joint to your personal certain needs. They will absolutely be above delighted to recommend on cuts along with cooking. The tender cuts of meat, fillet and rib are most matched to frying, rapid roasting or grilling, the less tender cuts e.g. neck as well as shin are most matched to reduce food preparation, braising as well as stewing.


Top Serloin


The top sirloin is situated between the loin and the round (the rear of the cow) and is made up of three muscles (all meat is muscle): The cap, the center and the “mouse” (a fist-sized knob of muscle that’s usually trimmed and cut for stir-fry or ground sirloin). The cap is triangular in shape, between one- and two-inches thick and covered on the top side with a thin layer of creamy white fat. The cap muscle doesn’t get much exercise during the animal’s lifetime, so its meat is…MORE tender, and the fat layer adds tremendous flavor, self-basting the meat as it cooks.

The top sirloin cap is often cut into steaks and grilled, but in Brazil, where it’s known as picanha, it’s roasted whole on a rotisserie and sliced right off the spit. Picanha is something of an obsession and a national treasure in Brazil, and it’s only starting to be discovered in the U.S. Top sirloin cap isn’t difficult to cook and really needs just coarse salt and pepper for seasoning. There is only one top sirloin cap per cow, so you’ll need to order it a little ahead of time from your butcher.

Beef Shank

Beef shank is probably one of the most under-appreciated parts of the cow. It’s located in the lower part of the leg (the shin), and because the cow works this muscle the most, the shank’s tough meat needs to be braised (long, moist heat) to be edible. But a wonderful thing happens to the shank during several hours of braising: The fat and sinew break down, and the meat absorbs all the flavors of the wine and vegetables it was braised in.

The beef shank’s bone marrow softens to a…MORE custard-like texture with a buttery flavor and adds richness to gravies and soups, but it’s also delicious eaten on its own. In French cuisine, the beef shank is roasted just for the marrow alone, which is enjoyed spread on large croutons or toast. For the classic Italian dish, osso buco, veal shank is most commonly used, but beef shank is equally, of not more, delicious, and serves twice the portion at half the price.

Vacio Steak

The vacio steak is a wildly popular cut in Argentina. This beef cut hangs beneath the loin and is cushioned by the cow’s belly, so it’s protected by layers of fat, which gives the meat rich beefy flavor. Vacio steak is a tender cut, but it does have some texture, meaning it’s got a bit of chew when grilled. It usually weighs between four and five pounds, and like top sirloin cap, it’s often cut into individual steaks (as in France, where it’s commonly known as bavette). However, …MORE grilling vacio steak whole over slow, indirect heat is the preferred method in Argentina.

Hanger Steak

Lore has it that butchers secreted away this cut — the “butcher’s choice” — from customers to keep for themselves, and there’s little wonder, as hanger is one of the best steaks for grilling. The hanger steak is attached to the diaphragm, nestled by the kidneys, which imbue the beef with a rich flavor. A cleaned and trimmed hanger steak yields about two pounds of edible meat.

Similar in texture to skirt steak, hanger steak should be marinated and grilled rapidly over very high heat. It is…MORE usually served rare or, at most, medium-rare, as overcooking will toughen the meat, and always sliced against the grain. In restaurants, hanger steak tends to be pricey, but it’s quite an economical cut when purchased from your butcher. Most butchers will have hanger steak available (if not on display, ask), but you should check first since it sells out quickly.

Lamb Shoulder

Butchers include lamb shoulder in this guide of unfamiliar and under-used cuts because it is both versatile and inexpensive. The cut is located between the neck and fore shanks, and its meat is encased in thin layers of fat and connective tissue that soften when the shoulder is braised or slow roasted. The shoulder’s luscious meat is more delicate and less “gamey” in flavor than the leg or shank, and can be used in a number of slow-cooked recipes.

Summer Fruits & Veggies

Summer Fruits & Veggies

Here are great ingredients you will be able to find fresh at our store

Summer fruits include some berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries) and stone fruit (nectarines, peaches, and plums) as well as melons. Summer vegetables include beets, corn, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, tomatoes and zucchini.

Also anticipated mid-June, springtime peas symbolize the wonderfully fresh flavor we try to find in seasonal fare. They are the excellent enhancement to a basic cream-based risotto along with some fresh spinach or baked mushroom as well as make a great praise to lamb chops or lamb roast when prepared until tender in some supply, puréed and also enhanced with a little bit of creme fraiche and also a touch of mint.


Find What’s In Season During the Summer?

Anaheim Chile
Armenian Cucumber
Asian Pear
Barbados Cherries
Bell Peppers
Black Crowberries
Black Currants
Butter Lettuce
Casaba Melon
Champagne Grapes
Chayote Squash
Cherries, Sour
Chinese Long Beans
Crenshaw Melon
Crookneck Squash
French Beans
Galia Melon
Grape Tomatoes
Green Beans
Green Soybeans (Edamame)
Hearts of Palm
Honeydew Melons
Jalapeno Peppers
Key Limes
Lima Beans
Manoa Lettuce
Ong Choy Spinach
Passion Fruit
Persian Melon
Rose Apples
Sugar Apple
Sugar Snap Peas
Summer Squash
Winged Beans
Yukon Gold Potatoes

Preparation Tips

Start with clean hands. Wash your hands for 20 secs with warm water and also soap before as well as after preparing fresh produce. Remove any kind of damaged or bruised areas on fresh vegetables and fruits. All fruit and vegetables must be completely cleaned prior to consuming. Cleans fruits and also veggies under running water prior to consuming, reducing or cooking. Several pre-cut, bagged fruit and vegetables items like lettuce are pre-washed. If the bundle indicates that the contents have actually been pre-washed, you can use the produce without further washing. Also if you prepare to peel off the produce outside areas before consuming, it is still crucial to clean it initially. Cleaning fruits and vegetables with soap or detergent or using business produce washes is not recommended. such as melons and cucumbers, with a clean fruit and vegetables brush. Drying fruit and vegetables with a clean cloth towel or paper towel is recommended

seasonal produce

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